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4 Resources to Help Your Team with Resiliency
Resiliency — or maintaining equilibrium under pressure — is one of the most important skills for leaders to master at all levels. And it becomes especially essential in times like these. If you’re looking for ways to help strengthen and encourage leaders within your organization (yourself included), we’ve compiled an abundance of complimentary, practical leadership resources to help you navigate times of crisis. To make it even easier, here are 4 resources that you can quickly access and share with your team:
The future is always uncertain. But the current pandemic has abruptly reminded us of this fact in a way that feels closer and more volatile than ever before. Bob Johansen has identified 10 future leadership skills in order to survive, lead, and ultimately create the future.
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"If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will never be successful.” In a world filled with uncertainty and change, managing stress and making time for your wellness can help provide clarity so you can seize the possibilities and reach your full potential.
Learn 4 proven techniques to help you manage the stress  »
Physical, mental, emotional, and social – these are the 4 areas of resilience. In this free, hour-long webinar, we take a deep dive into the importance of resilience in leadership, and ways to increase your personal and team effectiveness in the midst of a crisis.
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So, what exactly is resilient leadership? It’s less about avoiding difficulty and stress and more about the ability to bounce back after change or hardship. In this free webinar, you’ll learn simple resilience techniques that can be easily implemented both at work and at home.
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Here at CCL, we’re working hard to make sure you have the support you need, no matter what. That’s why we’ve recently added virtual versions to most of our leadership programs, letting you experience the same quality you expect from CCL with the convenience of virtual access. This month, we are highlighting 2 of those products as well as a special opportunity for savings. When you are ready, you can take advantage of these special rates by exploring our online offerings.
The way you and your co-workers communicate can make the difference between a progressive and stagnate culture. Better Conversations Every Day (BCE) is an interactive 9-hour training, divided into three sessions, that helps build coaching skills, drive business outcomes, and create lasting change at scale.
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Harness the power and insight of assessment data by taking advantage of our online Assessment Certification. Executive Coaches, Consultants Human Resource Managers, and Training & Development professionals can become certified online to administer CCL’s leadership assessments available in our Benchmarks® suite, four research-based 360-degree assessments.
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